About Us

Established in 1999, Patron Capital Partners has evolved into one of the leading opportunistic real estate managers in Europe. Since its founding, Patron has raised a total of 4.0 billion from institutional and high net worth investors from Europe, the Middle East and the US. To date, Patron has undertaken more than 170 transactions across 81 investments or programs, involving over 65 million square feet of assets in 16 countries.

Main advisory offices located in the UK, Spain and Luxembourg.

The Patron organisation includes a 71 person in-house team, comprising 29 investment team and 11 senior advisers/direct partners, supported by a team of 31 in legal, tax, finance, structuring and administration.

Patron's strategy is to back local partners and management teams in growing their respective business, investing in property, corporate operating entities, credit related businesses and debt related instruments, whose value is primarily supported by property assets and is typically driven by a liquidity event with one of the existing parties.

Through its large network of partners and advisors, Patron is unparalleled as an originator or financial and operating investor and partner.

The exceptional culture of the Patron Team is founded upon an energetic and entrepreneurial working environment, where a collegiate atmosphere fosters a strong commitment to the firm. In addition, the Patron Team has aligned itself with limited partners and is among the top ten investors by size across all the Patron Funds, with significant personal financial commitment from employees at every level. The Patron Team's commitment and financial alignment, coupled with highly transparent, detailed reporting and frequent investor communications, results in an active partnership with its investors

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Established, proven, European. European private equity and property related real estate investor.
  • European focus on middle-market transactions (€30 million - €90 million equity capital)
  • Clear thematic approach, ability to react to market change and unique capability to unlock and enhance real estate value.
  • Efficient European based decision making
  • Established and proven reputation with local partners and management teams.
  • Large, experienced, passionate, hands-on investment team - fully aligned with investors and deep in-house skill base in all aspects of deal sourcing, structuring, closing and management.
  • Disciplined, highly detailed, risk aware investment process with premier institutional reporting.

Proven Experience

  • 71 person Patron team with operations throughout Europe
  • 29 investment professionals and 11 senior advisers/direct partners averaging 18 years of real estate and corporate finance experience.
  • Patron has undertaken more than 170 transactions across 81 investments or programs involving over 65 million square feet of assets in 16 countries.
  • Represents approximately €4.0 billion of equity across several funds and related investments.

Markets Overview


Patron has developed a substantial track record of making successful investments across Europe. Historically the investment focus has primarily been in Western and Central Europe. Going forward, the focus continues to be Western Europe.

Patron Focus


The Patron Funds focus on making opportunistic and value-oriented investments in undervalued and typically liquidity constrained property assets, loans and corporate entities with substantial underlying property value, predominantly in Western Europe. Patron focuses on identifying and unlocking inherent value through investment in a broad range of deal types in which it generally can acquire a controlling stake or structure substantial control over the investment outcome. Patron has a long track record of building value through the repositioning, redevelopment and intensive management of real estate assets and operational improvement of corporate entities and of successfully realising this value at exit.

Patron's objective is to generate superior, absolute and risk-adjusted returns through a diversified portfolio of acquisitions. Investments are targeted with the aim of generating a 16% to 20% gross IRR and a 1.6x + gross equity multiple on invested capital over a three to five year investment horizon.


Target Strategies