The Patron Inclusive Society Initiative, Empowers others and supports the base building blocks of society, including improving and preserving the physical environment, immediate emergency aid and ongoing support for the vulnerable.

Women in Safe Homes (WISH) Fund

The Women in Safe Homes Fund, launched with Resonance, is the world’s first gender-lens property fund.

Established in January 2021, the Fund was created by Patron Capital dedicated to providing affordable, safe, and secure homes for women and their families who are suffering domestic abuse, leaving the criminal justice system and women at risk of or experiencing homelessness in the UK. The Fund also works in partnership with Women’s Sector Organisations (WSOs) - its housing partners - who provide specialist wraparound services to tenants.

Following Patron’s initial anchor support of £1.5m, the fund was launched with a target size of £100m, of which £29m has already been raised, to house 600 – 1000 women and their families.

The fund is proud to already housed 120 women and children, who have been affected by one or more issues including homelessness, mental and physical ill health, sexual violence, honour-based violence, forced marriage, and stalking as of March 2023. These tenants typically feel safer, more confident and more independent in their new homes; over 90% of women say they feel healthy and empowered.

Read more about how WISH is providing a mix of accommodation for women in need of safe and settled housing, from family homes to shared properties. 




Patron Inclusive Society Initiative


In connection to WISH and Patron’s broader initiatives, Patron supports Solace, helping women and children to build safe lives and futures free from male abuse and violence. The charity objectives are to end violence in the wide range of forms it is displayed in ranging from rape and sexual assault to psychological and financial control.

Patron’s London office recently hosted a Solace Women’s aid training day, to discuss how to quickly identify and prevent signs of domestic abuse

Most recently, Keith Breslauer, Managing Partner at Patron acts as advisor and mentor to young adults and members of the broader community to directly reach out to areas and individuals where hope is most needed with the hope this support will have a multiplier effect on wider society.

The Israel Summit 2021

Patron proud to be a sponsor of the Israel summit!

The Greatness Lectures

The Great Lecture Series is an annual event at Patron Capital designed to celebrate the achievements of individuals from around the world, from politicians to the military, performers and adventurers.

Each year, we invite speakers to discuss how they have sought to overcome adversity, whether that be it be in the workplace and/or their everyday lives.

Click to watch previous lectures (January 2018 - October 2023):

Great Achievements

Heard from the most inspirational individuals, completing adventure challenge following life changing illness & disability..  


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