The Patron Education Initiative, supports educators and funds projects to improve education with refurbishment and construction of new schools, harnessing their multiplier effects in key areas of society.


At Patron Capital, we believe that every child should be provided with a good education, supported by superb teaching and with new, inspiring opportunities along the way.

Our fundraising and support aims to help remove barriers and improve social mobility for ambitious and talented young people may not have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. These projects include mentoring services and workshops as well as internship programmes and scholarships for gifted young adults.

Work Avenue

At the start of 2023 we hosted our ‘New Year, New Career’ event with ‘Work Avenue’, a non-profit organisation that aims to provide people in the community with essential lifelong skills to support themselves and their families and the opportunity to increase the success rate and long-term sustainability of new and existing businesses.

At Patron’s offices we hosted 64 for our workshop focused on helping gain sustained employment by providing coaching, advice and guidance to equip young people to realise their potential at school and in the workplace. In the 3 months following the event, nearly 50% of attendees secured a new job and began a new career.

Young Enterprise - Learn to Earn

In June 2023, we partnered with Young Enterprise to host the ‘Learn to Earn’ Event at Patron’s London office. The workshop aimed to motivate and teach students from disadvantaged backgrounds, whilst providing them with a greater understanding of financial plans, thinking about future study and career options.

Our staff volunteers spent the day engaging with the students, helping to build greater knowledge around financial education. The workshop focused on helping learners grow to understand their own attitudes to risk and how behaviour and emotions can impact financial decision-making in real life scenarios.

“The impact of Patron Capital's dedicated support cannot be underestimated. It has unlocked sustained access for young people across London to immersive meaningful learning opportunities. This has enabled the development of vital knowledge, skills and confidence, enabling them to make more informed choices and prepare for their futures.” – Donna Wells, Director of Development at Young Enterprise.

PTI Partnership

The PTI is a charity championing teachers at all stages of their career, ensuring that they have the skills and support to provide high-quality education for future generations. Patron Capital for the PTI, is focused on delivering exceptional teaching and transformational classroom practices.

With Patron’s support, to date 2 million students have benefited from improved education standards and helped 24,000 teachers through our events, of which 100% of teachers agree the PTI involvement has an impact in schools. Managing Partner at Patron and Chairman of the PTI, Keith Breslauer, devotes his time to assist with the strategic management and governance of the organisation with the belief that passionate, motivated teachers are essential to quality education. Additional provisions include supporting the PTI with Patron’s global network and providing both meeting and event space for the PTI through the year at Patron’s London office.

“We cannot address the issues of inequalities in our society without improving the quality of teaching in our schools. The PTI’s growth, together with consistently outstanding feedback from thousands of teachers, proves the necessity of its work.” – Keith Breslauer, Managing Director at Patron Capital

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