Driven, forensic and decisive, Patron has the energy and substantial resources to properly interrogate opportunity and provide clear, credible value paths.


Patron was established in 1999 to make value-oriented and opportunistic real estate and real estate related investments in Europe including investment in real estate, corporate operating entities, credit related businesses and equity and debt related instruments, whose value is primarily supported by real estate and hard assets. Since its founding, Patron has raised a total of €3.4 billion from institutional and high net worth investors from Europe, the Middle East and the US. To date, Patron has undertaken more than 100 transactions across 74 investments or programs, involving over 65 million square feet of assets in 16 countries.

The core of the Patron organisation is its 76 person in-house team led by Keith Breslauer including 32 investment professionals (the "Investment Team") supported by 11 senior advisers/direct partners and an additional 33 individuals with significant long term experience focused on legal, finance, tax and administration. Together, the broad and deep in-house team is skilled in investment, management, development and real estate operations, having the capability and experience to critically engage with opportunities and counterparties to maximise investment returns while limiting downside investment performance. Patron's main advisory offices are located in the UK and Luxembourg with operations in Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland.

Patron supplements its in-house team with its broad network and long-standing relationships with local participants, intermediaries, management teams and originators throughout Europe. The extensive in-house resources of the Patron Team enhance the process of partnering with local participants, strengthening Patron's ability to effectively assess, monitor, manage and supplement the local participants' activities. The Patron platform effectively acts as an owner-operator, teaming up with key local participants and advisers where necessary.

The exceptional culture of the Patron Team is founded upon an energetic and entrepreneurial working environment, where a collegiate atmosphere fosters a strong commitment to the firm. In addition, the Patron Team has aligned itself with limited partners and is among the top ten investors by size across all the Patron Funds, with significant personal financial commitment from employees at every level. The Patron Team's commitment and financial alignment, coupled with highly transparent, detailed reporting and frequent investor communications, results in an active partnership with its investors.