Driven, forensic and decisive, Patron has the energy and substantial resources to properly interrogate opportunity and provide clear, credible value paths.

About us

Established in 1999, Patron Capital Partners has evolved into one of the leading opportunistic real estate managers in Europe.

Main advisory offices located in the UK and Luxembourg and operations in Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland

Patron represents approx €3.4 billion of capital across several funds and related co-investments, from prominent universities, major institutions, private foundations, and high net worth individuals located throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Patron organisation includes a 76 person in-house team, comprising 32 investment team and 11 senior advisers/direct partners, supported by a team of 33 in legal, tax, finance, structuring and administration.

Patron's strategy is to back local partners and management teams in growing their respective business, investing in property, corporate operating entities, credit related businesses and debt related instruments, whose value is primarily supported by property assets and is typically driven by a liquidity event with one of the existing parties.

Through its large network of partners and advisors, Patron is unparalleled as an originator or financial and operating investor and partner.